Environment & Sustainability Manager at Downer Group

From: Perth, Australia

Environmental scientist Lauren Sandon steps aboard registering just how different this is going to be for her – in her private consultancy work, she is used to being the only woman on site for weeks on end. Now she is surrounded by 75 other female scientists. Lauren is a sunny presence on the boat, but soon reveals she has been nursing hurt and confusion over an incident that happened on site.


“We shouldn’t have to fit into a socio norm that forces you to sacrifice your true self. I’m now ready to challenge this, but I can’t do it alone.“


“I'm normally outside on a construction site or a mine site, the only female with 40 other men.“


What is Lauren doing now?

Lauren Sandon has spent ten years as an Environmental Consultant and Advisor, working in the Contaminated Sites industry. She recently moved away from consulting and into an Environment & Sustainability Manager role in the WA Infrastructure division of Downer Group. She has extensive experience in the field working for oil and gas, mining, local council, government, defence and infrastructure companies. Projects sites have been remote and local around Perth and Melbourne and Lauren often found herself to be one of few women in a team. She seeks opportunities to mentor junior staff and is a role model for other aspiring female Environmental Scientists. She is passionate about promoting change within male dominated workplaces and challenging gender biases and discrimination against women in her field.

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