Dr Sarah Charnaud

Molecular Parasitologist

From: England/ Zimbabwe/ Melbourne

Parasitologist Dr Sarah Charnaud is passionate about a cure for malaria, but her confidence, amongst other things, is holding her back. Inspired by wonder at the natural world from a young age, Sarah is motivated to stay in science for very personal reasons.


“The whole reason I do science is to make people’s lives better, to reduce death…. But it’s whether I’m good enough to stay…”

Sarah Charnaud

“My uncle got me up in the middle of the night and he showed me that the stars move... It was fantastic. I thought – I want to be a scientist!”

Sarah Charnaud

"When the report came out that the gender pay gap in science was bigger than any other industry in Australia it was like well, I better start changing the stat and go ask for that pay rise."

Sarah Charnaud

"It's important to realise that we have been conditioned for a very long time to think that man are leaders and that women aren't."

Sarah Charnaud

What is Sarah doing now?

Dr Sarah Charnaud is an infectious disease specialist with experience developing cutting edge technologies for use in research on diseases affecting people in the developing world. She specialises in molecular biology and biochemistry and has a deep understanding of genetic and imaging technologies, combined with experience in statistics, epidemiology and drug discovery. Sarah has focussed on utilising all of these methods in malaria research as she is driven to improve health equity. Sarah has won four national awards for academic presentations and is an active and effective communicator of science to academia, government, civil society and the general public. She currently lives in Switzerland with her partner, analysing data and writing for public health agencies.

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