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We have partnered with Cool Australia to develop THE LEADERSHIP HIGH SCHOOL RESOURCES.

There are six curriculum mapped lessons for Year 10 students, covering English, HPE and Work Studies. They aim to educate students on the issues facing women in STEMM and beyond, putting a face on the stats and compelling young leaders to foster change.

Viewing and Responding to the Film

In this lesson, students will view and respond to the documentary feature film, The Leadership. They will engage in a range of jigsaw activities to build their understanding of the themes in the film, which include: feminism, women in STEMM, equality, diversity and sexism in the workplace. Students will learn to track their personal responses to a text and to develop academic dialogue with peers about these responses.

Imposter Syndrome

In this lesson, students use teamwork and multimodal stimuli to explore the idea of ‘imposter syndrome’. Students will understand what imposter syndrome is, apply critical and creative thinking skills to identify potential reasons for high rates of imposter syndrome, examine the contributing factors leading to imposter syndrome and understand reasons for higher rates of imposter syndrome in women and people of colour, and generate possible solutions.

Hope for Women in STEMM

In this lesson, students will learn authentic ways to face challenging issues with hope. Students will consider the progress that has been made in issues affecting women in STEMM, using clips from the documentary feature film, The Leadership as inspiration. In reflecting upon these clips and their prior knowledge, students will explore what makes them feel hopeful. Students will then develop skills in using positive visualisation as a persuasive skill.

Investigating Leadership Styles

In this lesson, students will consider multiple perspectives and theories on leadership styles, including some presented in the documentary film, The Leadership. They will research the values and behaviours of leaders, determining what they think makes a great leader. Students will create persuasive and creative texts that determine the leadership qualities they believe are required in the present day and into the future.

Sexism and Harassment at Work

In this lesson, students will explore how sexism and sexual harassment shows up in the workplace, how it affects women and men and what is being done about it. Students will watch a case study from The Leadership that explores how women working in male-dominated workplaces and remote locations struggle with sexual harassment and how this impacts their careers and lives more broadly. They will explore how positive action can support women to overcome these challenges.

Workplace Diversity Rules!

In this lesson, students explore how workplace and systemic structures can impact their employees or stakeholders. They investigate how diversity can benefit business and society and, likewise, how businesses can adapt their systems to create a better work/life balance for all their workers. Students will then create a business or project plan to improve diversity in STEMM fields, taking inspiration from Fabian Dattner’s Homeward Bound project, documented in the film, The Leadership.

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