Songqiao Yao MBA, MPHIL

On-board Communications

From: Dongying / Beijing, China

Songqiao Yao is the only Chinese woman on the expedition. In fact, the 76 scientists on board are overwhelmingly white.  Both a participant in the leadership training and an assistant in Fabian’s team, it is her task on board to communicate the experiences of the 76 scientists to a Chinese audience.

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“All the discussion about leadership is a bit more tricky to translate to a Chinese audience because the leadership model we talk about on board is very much coming from the individual…”

Songqiao Yao

“It's those times I remind myself, okay you need to step up. And that's when I think I'm a leader.”

Songqiao Yao

“When I was nine years old, I received six photos of Antarctica.Those were my most precious possessions. I've always wanted to go.”

Songqiao Yao

What is Songqiao doing now?

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