Dr Samantha Grover

On-board Communications

From: Melbourne, Australia

Visiting Carlini Station, an Argentinian research base, Sam is captivated by what is underneath her feet – Antarctic moss and soil. She had expected the soil to be covered in snow, so it’s a bittersweet reminder of the rapidity of climate change. There is no mistaking Sam’s drive and passion when it comes to the soil science career she’s fighting for. But Sam is not sure there is a place for her in science.


“Both times I took maternity leave as a post doc. Those two jobs ended and I was quite devastated… I’ve given science a really good go but if science doesn’t want me, maybe that’s it.”

Samantha Grover

“I really want to be able to do research that makes a difference — and I get to get dirty at the same time.”

Samantha Grover

What is Sam doing now?

Dr Samantha Grover leads the Soil-Atmosphere-Anthroposphere Lab (SAAL) at RMIT University. The SAAL’s research focuses on the connection between soils, climate change and people, and studies how we can better manage soils to store more carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase food security and improve ecosystem health. The SAAL’s applied research projects in alpine and tropical peatlands, urban sports fields, home composting and innovative agricultural systems in Australia and Indonesia are underpinned by strong partnerships with government, industry and community. In her roles as Victorian President of Soil Science Australia, Expert Reviewer for the IPCC, Committee member of the International Mire Conservation Group and Ozflux, Grover contributes soil-atmosphere expertise to local, national and international policy and decision making. Grover delights in making science accessible and engaging: for her students in RMIT’s Environmental Science Bachelors and Masters degrees; for a younger audience via her children’s book “Exploring Soils: a hidden world underground”; as well as to a wide public audience as a “Superstar of STEM”.

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